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It’s Christmas Day


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“I woke up this morning, And I stumbled out of my bed, Dreams from the night before, Ring inside of my head, Ran down the stairs when I remembered, It’s Christmas day (ay, ay, ay), Christmas day”

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What’s Included

Chocolatier Christmas Caramels 80g
Six milk chocolate Christmas caramels adorned with a handmade sugar wreath. The perfect festive treat.

Chocolatier Christmas Bon Bon 50g
Nine smooth, creamy solid milk chocolate baubles, foiled in classic red, green and gold. Made in Australia.

Ogilvie and Co Orange and Cointreau Cake 80g
Orange Cointreau Cake packed full of oranges with a splash of Cointreau makes a delicious individual serving.

Chocomama Premium Salted Nuts Jar 200g
A selection of moorish premium nuts, roasted and salted.

Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g
The perfect accompaniment to any antipasto platter. Pairs well with traditional French Brie, strong French Camembert, Parmigiano Reggiano & mature vintage cheddar.

Ogilvie and Co Garlic Nibbles 50g
Add these moreish garlic infused bites to an antipasto platter for a complimentary addition to your quince, relish, olives and cheese.

Chocomama Milk Pretzels 150g
Salty and crunchy pretzels enrobed in decadent milk chocolate.

Signature Keepsake Box
Premium white matte box with magnetic front closure or box/lid design. We will select the right sized box for your gift. The box is filled with layers of delicate black tissue paper and finished with a beautifully thick 38mm grosgrain ribbon. Topped with a Christmas themed ornament. Reusable and just right to store personal mementos and beloved items.